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I am a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist with 10 years of experience in healthcare, academia, and journalism. 

I work with organizations to help improve how they communicate, through writing and editing on big web content projects and public relations campaigns. The ultimate goal is for you to feel your work is communicated engagingly and accurately, and your audience understands and feels excited by what you have to say. I am particularly adept in helping people simplify complex ideas and information, distilling communications to the most interesting and substantive information, and cutting out all of the excess. This is a critical skill in an age where people are overwhelmed with things to read and tired of vague platitudes.

I also write for web outlets about issues like the future of work and health and have been published in Pacific Standard, Huffington Post, Forbes, Law360, and News 21

True to my varied resumé, I have always resisted putting myself in a subject area box. I believe good communication is less about being a subject matter expert than thinking clearly and writing compelling and genuine content. 

Great writing can help us connect with people, even our leaders. In one of the proudest moments of my life, then-Senator Barack Obama discussed as part of his speech at my college commencement an article I had written in the Daily Northwestern newspaper.

Current Projects

I write, edit, and project manage a section comprising hundreds of web pages for NYU Langone Health's website redesign and write and advise on media strategy for NYU Langone's media relations office, including helping them communicate about their large campus revitalization. I also recently helped edit content for the City Health Dashboard website to make it more lay friendly.

Learn more about projects I've helped worked on as a writer, editor, content strategist, producer, and project manager, and read my published writing.

My Story

In February, 2018, I followed a longtime desire to become a freelance writer and left my full time job. I had spent the previous seven years as a communications specialist at NYU Langone Health and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, where I promoted new health research, and a broader vision of health that focuses not just on medical care but social and economic change. Before that, I built up my writing and reporting skills as a law and education  journalist, learning how to write quickly and file multiple stories per day under deadline.

Trying Out Different Work

I am a big fan of trying different types of work to see what you like doing. Prior to working in journalism and communications, I thought I might be a lawyer. I had a summer externship between my junior and senior year of college on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and worked as a paralegal at the Federal Trade Commission for two years after graduation. Even though I decided working in law was not for me, I met great friends, worked with several supervising attorneys who gave me great work and life advice, and learned facts about consumer protection law that are relevant to my current career--including privacy, disclosure, and e-mail communication law. In college, I worked as a research assistant for an art history professor, worked for political campaigns and causes, and worked in an internal medicine practice. I recently decided I wanted to do more physical work, and last summer worked for a week on an organic vineyard in France.

Life is About More Than Work

I also think life is about more than what you do for a living. I recommenced taking French classes two years ago, picking up from my studies of the language in college. My ultimate goal is to become a fluent French speaker. I write about travel on my travel blog, and have a blog called Facts from Dad. I co-hosted a comedy show on public access TV, "Hot Topics," and.

I have lived in New York City for 10 years, currently in Brooklyn. Before that I lived in Washington, D.C., grew up and attended college in the Chicago area, and lived for a semester in Paris, France.





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