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I am a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist with 10 years of experience in healthcare, academia, and journalism. 

I help clients express themselves authentically. I've produced content projects for a variety of healthcare and public health organizations, and in other industries including finance and travel.  

I also do my own writing about making life changes and other work/life issues. I have published articles in media outlets including Doist, Pacific Standard, Huffington Post, Forbes, Law360, and News 21. I currently live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

Learn more about my professional history from LinkedIn and my Contently portfolio.

My Story

In early 2018, I left my career of seven years in health communications to pursue freelance writing. Around this time, I applied and was later accepted to a job teaching English in France, near Bordeaux beginning in the fall.

I grew up in the Chicago area and have lived in Washington, D.C., and, most recently, Brooklyn, New York. I have spent much of my 20s and early 30s overcoming my fear of uncertainty to make changes such as moving abroad, and shifting my priorities to live a life that is well-rounded, balanced, and not centered around work, consumerism, and damaging social expectations—especially those toward women.

I’m still figuring it out, asking questions like: Is it more satisfying to devote oneself to a career, or to have a job that allows one to pursue outside hobbies? How does one keep meaningful relationships strong in an environment of over-abundant digital modes of communication and paradoxical isolation and weak social ties? How can one keep their spirit alive in soul-crushing work environments? Are the cultural offerings of a big city like NYC worth all of the stress of living there? How does one live and spend minimally so one has the freedom to work less?

Besides professional writing, I write a travel blog, a blog called Facts from Dad, and, once wrote and performed a public access comedy show "Hot Topics." A life highlight of mine was when (then-Senator) Barack Obama spoke at my college graduation and talked about an article I wrote in my university's newspaper. 





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