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Signs I've Become a New Yorker

For those of us who are New York City transplants, we start to realize, as we stay here longer than we ever expected, that inherent New Yorker behaviors begin to accumulate, quietly and sometimes regrettably. We become unfazed by just about any event that occurs on the subway; we get used to the reckless aggression of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians and even become one of them; and we feel compelled to stay in our apartment even though we don't own it -- because apartment hunting is such a miserable alternative.

Flower petals in a puddle in Soho, New York City

Flower petals in a puddle in Soho, New York City

But one milestone that even I was surprised at happened today when I typed Poughkeepsie into a search engine. Not Pokipsie or Pukipsie or even one that's on the right track like Poukepsie, but Poughkeepsie. As I looked down at the word, realizing that I had for the first time typed it without having to rely on Google to correct the spelling, I couldn't imagine a day when I'd ever thought Poughkeepsie was spelled another way.