What I hate about editing

I don’t hate the editing process. It is actually one of my favorite parts of writing. One reason I like it is that it means the writing is now largely done, and I’ve reacquired some sense of stability. Writing is freedom in a way, and freedom, as M. Scott Peck says in the book I’m currently reading, the Road Less Traveled, is scary. So I tend to like surrendering some freedom in editing, because I now have to edit within the structure of my paper.

What I do hate about editing is having to translate my paper copy edits to the word processor copy. It is the going over to the computer and having to interpret and type in my hieroglyphic edits, the arrows moving text around, the little carrots (i.e. this symbol: ^ ) with the little words above or below it. I find this an incredible drag, and I’m putting it off right now.