Why I get so waylaid when I write

Sometimes it drives me nuts how stopped up and waylaid I get when I write–how I just hit a wall. I try to write fairly realistic scenarios. That is just what I gravitate toward. So I’ll want to use some kind of culturally specific reference, and then I feel like I need to do it justice by describing it as realistically as possible, which leads me to research that soon engulfs the “creative process.”

Last week, I was writing about someone ordering a breakfast sandwich from a Starbuck’s, and I went on what must have been a 10-minute google search to find out how the barista would heat up that cold breakfast sandwich they put in the display of Starbuck’s. Would they take it out of the display case with tongs or with food gloves? Would they put it in a toaster? A microwave? How long would this take? And most importantly, what is the name of the heating appliance they would use?

It is a microwave-convection oven, it turns out.