High school turns into a food court

A recurring dream of mine is that I am back in high school because I somehow missed a couple credits that were necessary to graduate. Last night I had that with a twist: I was back at New Trier, and the whole school had been extensively renovated so that it basically looked like a large, upscale food court. In the front area of the school on the first floor, the food options were overwhelming: a Johnny Rockets-type place, cuisines from many different countries, and a place that resembled Shake Shack. I was running late to class because I was waiting in line at this restaurant to get a doughnut-flavored soft serve ice cream. When I finally hoofed it to the third floor for a writing class, I was confronted not by any classrooms but by a giant movie theater. I think I may have finally found the class, but I was too late for it to mean anything.