How does anyone write an article like this with a straight face?

A salad may seem modest, but that dish (and its cult following among trend-attuned New Yorkers like Ms. Bhojwani) is emblematic of a shift in the way that women participate in the crucial information-gathering and idea-generating ritual known as lunch. Wander into ABC Kitchen on any given weekday and the nature of that transformation will be abundantly clear: There’s a new generation of power-lunch spots in downtown Manhattan, and women are the most devoted regulars.

[…]“Where you go to have lunch has to be on brand with your brand,” said Carrie Rosten, a consultant for media companies and magazines

[…]“They all save room for a little dessert,” he said. “They all tell you they don’t want any.” But they order it, they eat it, and “then they come yell at me.”

From the New York Times