On God and the idea of righting wrongs

I believe in God. I won’t go into why at this point except to say that I don’t put much stock into the Bill Maher style analysis of whether God exists–the idea that you might as well believe in wizards, unicorns and lizard people if you believe in God–and I wonder what guides a person with his perspective through life if not a belief in higher ideals than what we see on Earth. For me, it’s that feeling that there is something greater than myself and my fellow comrades from which I derive my faith. 

I’m reminded of my belief in God when I have hungered for perceived wrongs to be righted. I think if God even had any influence, God would deny vindication. Why? Because I don’t believe we grow from being vindicated, from winning, from being right. I have had the greatest opportunity to grow when I was wrong, when I faced injustice, pain, and what some called losing. If God righted our wrongs, we wouldn’t have anything to work toward, or to grow from. I like to think this God wants us to work to become better people because that leads us to find that unparalleled ideal known as meaning. This is a God that, as one of my rabbis once said, is “all good” but not “all powerful.” God will not make the world just or right, God will however offer a light to guide you through darkness.

That was pretty deep for a Friday night. I’m going to go microwave a pupusa now.