Thank you to family & friends in light of stolen phone

I am compelled to thank all of my family and friends for being really sympathetic and helpful in light of my getting mugged for my iPhone stolen last night by some 13-year-old kids. Throughout the whole ordeal, I’ve had conflicting emotions. The one is anxiety over the cost of replacing the phone, having to shuffle around all of my other priorities to deal with this, and over guilt and stupidity I feel that my iPhone was so easily swiped out of my hand because I was walking down the street holding it and listening to music. 

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel narcissistic and a bit over-privileged. I’ve been talking about this the whole day to people, and people who haven’t heard me yak about it have kindly checked in and asked how I’m doing, and some have offered to lend me or give me their old smart phones. Last night my friend who I was supposed to meet stayed with me at the police precinct where I was filing my report. And the transit police last night came right away, had four squad cars sweeping Fort Greene for the culprits, including the van I rode in with two incredibly nice cops. I really didn’t expect anyone to give a crap about this, especially the NYPD. No one, not the NYPD, not family, not friends, made me feel like the fool I felt like for having my phone stolen because I was holding it out.

I keep thinking, I don’t deserve this. What the hell do I do for other people? Am I as sympathetic as they are when something bad happens, or do I just think “glad it’s not me” and move on?

And as much as I care about that iPhone, that piece of expensive sought after, sleek property, it’s hard after a situation like this not to see what’s staring me in the face, which is that the world isn’t about these objects, it’s about the people we know. The objects facilitate our interactions with people and they are important but they aren’t fundamental.

So thanks, everyone. I really mean that.