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I am a freelance writer and editor and English teacher currently living in the southwest of France. 

With 10 years of experience as a journalist and communications specialist, I've produced content projects for a variety of healthcare and public health organizations.  I also write about work/life issues. I have published articles in media outlets including Doist, Fast Company, Pacific Standard, Huffington Post, Forbes, Law360, and News 21.

I am currently living in Biscarrosse, a town on the Atlantic coast of France, where I am teaching English to elementary school students and trying to in turn improve my French and explore this beautiful region.

Learn more about my professional history from LinkedIn and my Contently portfolio.

My Story*

*i.e. what am I doing in France??

In 2018, I decided to make some big changes. In February, I left full-time employment to pursue freelance writing. In the fall I moved to France after ten years in New York City and started a part-time English teaching job at three primary schools in the town of Biscarrosse, a bit over an hour outside the city of Bordeaux near the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, far from brownstones and 24-hour bodegas, I am enjoying the opportunity to teach English to young students, improve my French, get eight weeks of vacation, surf (in France! who knew?), and experience a lifestyle and culture that often feels like a different planet from the one I knew. You can follow my experiences on my blog France & Beyond.

I grew up in Chicago and its near north suburbs and lived in the area through college. I had my first immersive experience in French in a semester study abroad program in Paris. After graduation, I moved to Washington, D.C., for a job with the Federal Trade Commission and two years later to New York City for journalism school. After graduating, I moved to Brooklyn and stayed for a decade, working in journalism and communications.





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