Working on Pichon Vineyard in the southwest of France, summer 2017

Working on Pichon Vineyard in the southwest of France, summer 2017

About Me

As a writer, editor, and communications specialist, I love the challenge of de-mystifying and de-jargonizing, of interesting readers in subjects that are often made to seem needlessly complex, like health, law, and education, through storytelling and other content development. Read my writing clips.

My goal when working with clients is to help you find your authentic voice and free yourself from resorting to the kind of academic or business-speak that drains all of the passion and joy from the cool work that you do.

By background, I'm a writer, editor, reporter, and content and public relations specialist living in Brooklyn, New York. I've worked in healthcare and public health for the past seven years at NYU Langone Health, in population health, and Columbia University School of Public Health, in epidemiology. Before that, I studied--and, more importantly--practiced journalism at Columbia University's School of Journalism, held an education reporting fellowship that took me to Washington D.C.'s charter schools, and reported on commercial law for Law360, which meant I once knew way too much about patent trolling and international trade actions against Chinese "dumping" of low-priced merchandise. You can read more about me on LinkedIn and discover some of my writing on this website. 

For fun, I write about traveling (follow me on my time-waster of choice,  Instagram!) focusing on tips for those who face small challenges, such as going solo, sticking to a budget, and trying to speak French in France. I maintain a blog called Facts from Dad, and in 2013, I co-hosted a public access cable television show called Hot Topics with my friend Keith, on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. In 2006, during my college graduation ceremony, I got a shoutout from Barack Obama.