Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

City Health Dashboard

I worked with a team from multiple organizations to help launch the City Health Dashboard, which provides access to an array of regularly refreshed data, allowing users to see correlations between socioeconomic factors that shape health in cities, such as housing affordability, unemployment, children in poverty, and access to nutritious foods, in order to support health-related decision-making. I helped promote the tool to potential users and the media during its pilot phase and edited its web content ahead of its launch to 500 cities.

Media Relations, Writing, & Editing

Media Relations, Writing, & Editing

I worked with a multi-organizational team and city government staff during the pilot phase of the City Health Dashboard in 2017 to develop messaging, draft press releases, and coordinate media coverage to help ensure successful uptake of the Dashboard and funding for an expanded site.

Leading up to the launch of the City Health Dashboard in 2018, I edited descriptions of the measures of health, social, and economic factors that the site tracks to give users an understanding of urban health and wellbeing. It was important to clearly describe the metrics to encourage engagement and use by the City Health Dashboard’s audience of policymakers, city government staff, community organizations and advocates, research institutions, and the media.