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Freelance writer/editor and English teacher in France

With 10 years of experience as a journalist and communications specialist, I write about work/life issues. I have published articles in media outlets including Doist, Fast Company, Pacific Standard, Huffington Post, Forbes, Law360, and News 21. I've also produced content projects for a variety of healthcare and public health organizations.  

I am currently based in the Chicago area, where I grew up, and recently returned from seven months teaching English in Biscarrosse, a town on the Atlantic coast of France.

Learn more about my professional history from LinkedIn and my Contently portfolio.

My Story*

*including, what was I doing in France??

In 2018, I decided to make some big changes. In February, I left full-time employment to pursue freelance writing. In the fall I moved to France after ten years in New York City and started a part-time English teaching job at three primary schools in the town of Biscarrosse, a bit over an hour outside the city of Bordeaux near the Atlantic Ocean.

Far from brownstones and 24-hour bodegas, I enjoyed the opportunity to teach English to young students, improve my French, get eight weeks of vacation, surf (in France! who knew?), and experience a different lifestyle and culture. I also got a WSET 2 wine and spirits certificate at a chateau in Burgundy. You can follow my experiences on my blog France & Beyond.

I grew up in Chicago and its near north suburbs and lived in the area through college. I had my first immersive experience in French in a semester study abroad program in Paris. After graduation, I moved to Washington, D.C., for a job with the Federal Trade Commission and two years later to New York City for journalism school. I settled in Brooklyn for about a decade, working in journalism and communications.





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